Blanford's Bat (Hesperoptenus blanfordi)


HB:45-53; T: 28-32; FA: 26-29; E:5-10; HF:7-11.

The pelage is dark reddish brown or dark brown, with a glossy sheen to the fur; the under parts are slightly lighter. The fur over the shoulders is longer but thinner and somewhat lighter brown. The wing is brown. The head is flat and broad, the nostrils wide apart. The ears are short and triangular

Range Description:

 This species is found from East of Moulmein, Tenasserim (Myanmar), extending to Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia. There are records also from Cambodia (P. Banks pers. comm.), Lao PDR, Vietnam, and Sabah where it is only known from two localities (the Witti Range and Sepilok), and east Kalimantan (one specimen, A. Suyanto pers. comm.) in Borneo. In Lao PDR the species is reported, by Robinson and Webber (1998), from Khammouane Limestone National Biodiversity Conservation Area, and from Xe Pian in southern Lao PDR by Robinson (1998). In Viet Nam the species is known from Don Nai province. In Thailand they have been found in the mountains Nakon Si Thammarat and Suray Thani Provinces as well as Changmaai.
Countries: Native:
Cambodia; Indonesia (Kalimantan); Lao People's Democratic Republic; Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak); Myanmar; Thailand; Vietnam
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 This species is uncommon throughout its scattered distribution through mainland Southeast Asia and Borneo.
Population Trend: Unknown

Habitat and Ecology:

This species is found in a wide range of habitats, from lowland wet forest to dry dipterocarp forest and hill forest, and also limestone caves. It is usually associated with small rivers and streams. It usually lives in small colonies, with less than 10 individuals.
Systems: Terrestrial

 Major Threat(s):

There are no major threats to this species. This species is apparently tolerant to a broad range of habitats.

Conservation Actions:

This species is found in a number of protected areas throughout its range.