Collared Pipistrelle (Arielulus aureocollaris)


 Range Description:

This species is known from Lao PDR, Vietnam and Thailand (Chiang Mai Province, Amphoe (District) Mae Ai, Doi (Mount) Pha Hom Pok, at 1,500 m asl) and possibly neighbouring China although there are no records from there yet.
Countries: Native:
Lao People's Democratic Republic; Thailand; Vietnam


Its population status is unknown.
Population Trend: Unknown

Habitat and Ecology:

 The mapped range probably does not represent the real range of the species, which could be due to lack of surveys. It is probably associated with hills; early records are known from mountainous regions (G. Csorba pers. comm.). In Vietnam it is found in limestone and non limestone forest (N. Furey pers. comm.), and has been recorded from primary and mildly disturbed forest and also flying around a stream there at 1,200 m asl (Son pers. comm.). In Thailand it is found from 2,000 m asl in hill evergreen forest (S. Bumrungsri pers. comm.).
Systems: Terrestrial

 Major Threat(s):

 No major threats are known for this species.

Conservation Actions:

This species occurs in a number of protected areas.