Fea's Tree Rat (Chiromyscus chiropus)


Size: HB:138; T:233; HF:30; E:20.

A medium sized ratwith fairly spiny fur. 2+2 mammae,white belly, long dark tail, simple teeth as in the Niviventer group, and supraorbital shelf. Resenbles R.cremoriventer very much but diifers in colour as follows: brighter golden brown peppered with black hairs, blackish mask through the eye, cinnamon colour on the face and black rimmed molars.

Range Description:

This species is recorded from South West China (south Yunnan), Eastern Myanmar, Northern Thailand, Vietnam, and Lao PDR (Musser 1981; Musser and Carleton 2005; Smith et al. 2008).
Countries: Native:
China; Lao People's Democratic Republic; Myanmar; Thailand; Vietnam


 This species is common and can be locally abundant.

Population Trend:


 Habitat and Ecology:

This is an arboreal rat, it inhabits moist deciduous and evergreen forest (Corbet and Hill 1992), using mosaic scrub areas as extensions of forest. It may also occur in regrowth and other degraded habitats. It is probably present at higher elevations above 700-800 m.
Systems: Terrestrial

 Major Threat(s):

There are no major threats to the species.

 Conservation Actions:

It is present in several protected areas across its range.