Kloss's Mole (Euroscaptor klossi)



 Range Description:

This species is found in Southern China (Southern Yunnan (Smith et al. 2008)), extending to Eastern Myanmar, the highlands of Northern and Western Thailand, and most of the mountainous regions of Lao PDR and Vietnam. There is an isolated population in the mountains of Peninsular Malaysia.
Countries: Native:
China; Lao People's Democratic Republic; Malaysia; Myanmar; Thailand; Vietnam


This species is locally abundant throughout its range.
Population Trend: Unknown

Habitat and Ecology:

This species inhabits forest habitat, and areas with loose sandy soil, especially near streams. It is not known whether or not it can adapt to anthropogenic habitats.
Systems: Terrestrial

Major Threat(s):

The threats to this species are not known. If it is dependent on forest, then threats are likely to include forest clearance for agriculture, plantations, logging and human settlement.

 Conservation Actions:

Given its wide range, this species is likely to be present in a number of protected areas. Further studies are needed on the distribution, abundance, natural history and threats to this species.