La Touche's Free-tailed Bat (Tadarida latouchei)









Range Description:

This species is known from northeastern coastal China (in the provinces of Hebei, Beijing, Nei Mongol, Liaoning and Shandong), north and central Lao PDR, and just across the border into north central Thailand. In Japan, there are only three records, all of vagrants, on Amami-oshima, Kuchinoerabu Island, and Yoron Island (Kagoshima Prefecture) (Abe et al. 2005). Records from Lao PDR were originally identified as T. teniotis and are assumed to be T. latouchei based on range.
Countries: Native:
China; Lao People's Democratic Republic; Thailand


It is probably locally rare, as usually only a single specimen is ever collected. One large colony is known from Lao PDR. The record from central Lao PDR was purchased in a market (C. Francis pers. comm.). It presumably originated nearby. Three specimens have been found in Japan, after the type was recorded in China 1917.
Population Trend: Decreasing

 Habitat and Ecology:

This species roosts in caves, and forages in the surrounding forest. In Thailand it has been recorded from dry evergreen forest at 1,500 m asl, on top of a mountain (S. Bumrungsri pers. comm.).
Systems: Terrestrial

 Major Threat(s):

Disturbance of the cave habitat of the species is a potential threat, including mining. In some parts of its range, such as northern Lao PDR, it is known to be trapped for food and this may be occurring in other parts of its range.

 Conservation Actions:

The known locality in Thailand is in a protected area, Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary (S. Bumrungsri pers. comm.). It is not known whether it occurs in any protected areas elsewhere in its range. Further information is needed on the range, ecology and threats to this poorly known species. It is listed as Data Deficient (DD) in the Japanese Red List (2007).