Least Woolly Bat (Kerivoula minuta)

Range Description:

The species is found in Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, and Southern Thailand. The record from Thailand requires confirmation (S. Bumrungsri pers. comm.) as it may not be this species. The species is easily confused with K. intermedia, with which it is probably conspecifics.
Countries: Native:
Indonesia; Malaysia


This species occurs at low densities. As with K. intermedia, the species is difficult to catch unless harp traps are used.
Population Trend: Decreasing


HB: 31; T: 39; FA: 27; E:8; HF:4.4.

Least Woolly Bats are small insectivorous bats which inhabit primary and secondary forest. The ears are somewhat rounded and barely extend above the top of the fur on top of the domed skull. The distinctive tragus is narrow, pointed and projects upwards inside the ear . The orange-brown fur is thick, long and fluffy and covers much of the face. The eyes are tiny and the mouth small. The tail is fully enclosed in the flight membrane.

Habitat and Ecology:

This species inhabits the under storey of dipterocarp forest (Payne et al. 1985). It is found also in lowland and secondary forest (A. Suyanto pers. comm.).
Systems: Terrestrial

Major Threat(s):

Habitat loss due to logging, agriculture, plantations, forest fires and coal and limestone mining are threats to this species.

Conservation Actions:

This species needs taxonomic revision, however, it appears to be distinct according to local scientists (A. Suyanto pers. comm.). It does occur in a few protected areas within its range.