Malayan Pygmy Shrew (Suncus malayanus)


Range Description:

The species is known from three specimens collected in three widely separate localities in the Peninsular Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia (Hutterer 2005). It is presumably occurs more widely within its mapped range (the distribution map is, in any case, highly generalised).
Countries: Native:
Malaysia; Thailand


There is almost no information. The species has a very uneven occurrence through its range.
Population Trend: Unknown

Habitat and Ecology:

It is a lowland forest species. It is not known whether or not it can adapt to anthropogenic habitats.
Systems: Terrestrial

Major Threat(s):

The threats to this species are not known. If it is dependent on forest, then threats are likely to include forest clearance for plantations (especially oil palm), and logging.

 Conservation Actions:

 It is not known if this species is present in any protected areas. Further studies are needed into its distribution, abundance, natural history and threats.