Pratt's Roundleaf Bat (Hipposideros pratti)


The Hipposideros pratti have a dorsal fur that is reddish brown in colour. However, itsí ventral fur is lighter. The juveniles are lighter than the adults. The average forearm length of these bats are 83.4 - 90.8 mm and the average body mass is 53-68.9 grams. The H. pratti have a transverse bilobed shield behind the posterior nose leaf. In young males and females the shield may be small, but in old males it becomes an elaborate flashy structure.

Range Description:

 The species is recorded from southern China (Smith et al. 2008) and Viet Nam (Robinson et al. 2003). According to Huynh et al. (1994), this species was reported in Vietnam only from Sa Pa (Lao Cai Province), however, there is evidence for the presence of this species considerably further South, in Phong Na (Quang Binh Province), where it possibly occurs together with related H. lylei. It is widespread,  in southern China. Also seen in Thailand by these reports are  probably erroneous,
Countries: Native:
China; Vietnam


The abundance and population size of this species are not known.
Population Trend: Unknown

Habitat and Ecology:

It is a cave-roosting species, and has been found roosting in the same caves as H. armiger.
Systems: Terrestrial

 Major Threat(s):

 The threats to this species are not known.

 Conservation Actions:

It is not known if the species is present in any protected areas. Further studies are needed to determine the distribution, abundance, natural history and threats to this species.