Surat Serotine (Eptesicus dimissus)


HB:57-59; T:39-41; FA: 42; E:14-15.5;HF10.

The fur is rather short, chestnut above, lighter below, with some hairs tipped buffy brown. The fur extends the fur extends on the interformeral membrane as a triangle at the base of the tail. The ears are short and narrow, with rounded tips; the antitragus  is low, the tragus is short and broad. The skull as a well marked occipital helmet. The zygomatic arch is also very broad, and there are deep basial pits between the bullae.The upper incisors are more similar in size than in other Eptesicus,with the outer upper incisors 3/4the length of the inner upper incisor. The third upper molar is complete

Range Description:

This species is known from a single specimen collected in Southern Thailand (Bandon, Kao Nawg), and from southern Nepal (Myers et al. 2000) where it has been recorded in and near Royal Chitwan National Park.
Countries: Native:
Nepal; Thailand

Habitat and Ecology:

 Little is known about the habitat or ecology of this species.
Systems: Terrestrial

Major Threat(s):

The threats to this species are not known.

 Conservation Actions:

This species is known to occur in Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal (Myers et al. 2000). Further studies are needed into the distribution, abundance, natural history and threats to this species.