Temminck's Flying Squirrel (Petinomys setosus)

Taxonomic Notes:

Northern populations are distinct subspecies and may be a distinct species, owing to a large geographic gap.


HB: 128; T: 118; HF: 21

The upper parts are slaty  grey with buffy tips to the hairs resulting in a lustrous grey apperance.The underparts are creamy white, the feet are brownish. and the tail is blackish with a cream coloured base. There are often white marks behind the ears which form a partial collar. The gliding membrane is blackish above, and sparsely covered with buff hairs below. It as a white fringe. There is a black ring around the eyes, and a black line running from the eye ring to the nose.

Range Description:

This species is patchily distributed in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, and Northern Borneo (Thorington and Hoffmann 2005).
Countries: Native:
Brunei Darussalam; Indonesia; Malaysia; Myanmar; Thailand

Habitat and Ecology:

This is nocturnal and arboreal, specialized to deciduous forest in Northern Thailand and possibly elsewhere. This species is found in higher elevations in the north and lowland areas in the south.
Systems: Terrestrial

Major Threat(s):

 In the southern part of its range, it is threatened by habitat loss due to logging and habitat conversion

Conservation Actions:

It occurs in several protected areas across its range. Further studies are needed into the taxonomy, distribution and abundance of this species.Temminck's Flying Squirrel or Petinomys setosus is listed on the IUCN Red list (1996) as Lower Risk/Least Concern